Wednesday 18/09/2019

15:00-15:30 Welcome & Summer School Introduction

15:30-16:00 Addressing Climate Change in Alpine regions: the DIATI approach. Speaker: Francesco Laio, DIATI, Politecnico Di Torino

16:00-18:00 Rising glacial risks in a context of climate change. Speaker: Martin Funk, ETH Zurich

18:00 Icebreaker

Thursday 19/09/2019

09:00-18:00 Copernicus: Download satellite data and integration with in-situ data. Speaker: TBD

18:00-19:00 Project work

Friday 20/09/2019

09:00-18:00 Remote sensing and Earth Observation data. Speaker: Carlos Cárdenas M., Universidad de Magallanes, Chile

18:00-19:00 Project work

Saturday 21/09/2019

09:00-18:00 Avalanches: structural and non-structural damages control measures. Speaker: Valerio Segor, Autonomous Region of the Aosta Valley

18:00 Departure for Bertone Refuge and overnight stay

Sunday 22/09/2019

09:00-16:00 Mont Blanc massif, the birth of mountaineering, the pioneers of discovery, the history of mountain rescue
Speaker: Renzino Cosson, Alpine guide of Mont Blanc

17:00 Return to Courmayeur

Monday 23/09/2019

09:00-18:00 Avalanches structural damages. Speaker: Bernardino M. Chiaia/Barbara Frigo, DISEG, Politecnico di Torino

18:00-19:00 Project work

Tuesday 24/09/2019

09:00-16:00 SKY WAY and AINEVA’s reliefs. Speaker: Fabrizio Troilo, Fondazione Montagna Sicura – Montagne sûre and AINEVA technicians

16:00-19:00 Analysis and processing of data collected

Wednesday 25/09/2019

09:00-17:00 Radar and drone surveys on the glacier of the Plateau Rosa (within safety edge área).
Speaker: Alberto Godio, DIATI, Politecnico di Torino

17:00-19:00 Analysis and processing of data collected

Thursday 26/09/2019

09:00-10:00 The mountains, sentinels of climate change. Speakers: Paolo Bonasoni, Elisa Palazzi, CNR - National Research Council, ISAC - Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate

10:00-11:00 Effects of climate change on the Artic environment. Speaker: TBD, ENI

11:00-12:30 The glaciers cadastre. Speaker: Fabrizio Troilo, Fondazione Montagna Sicura – Montagne sûre

12:30-13:30 Light lunch

13:30-14:30 Climate change effects in Valle D'Aosta. Speaker: Edoardo Cremonese, ARPA Aosta Valley

14:30-15:30 Climate change, impacts on winter sports and adaptation strategies of ski areas. Speaker: Alessandro Pezzoli, DIST, Politecnico di Torino

15:30-17:30 Increase in mountain accidents due to climate change. Speaker: Guido Giardini, Azienda USL Aosta Valley| ASL Aosta · Neurology and Neurophysiology, Mountain Medicine Center

17:30-19:00 Follow-up

Friday 27/09/2019

09:00-12:30 Field trip in Val Ferret.
Glacier dynamics, monitoring of Planpincieux and Jorasses. Speaker: Fabrizio Troilo, Fondazione Montagna Sicura – Montagne sûre

12:30-14:00 Closing banquet

14:00-16:00 Working groups presentations

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